Thursday, October 27, 2016

J. Crew - October

Last weekend, I made a brief stop at the JC downtown to check out what was new. Right at the entrance, the Long Downtown Field Jacket (size M, dark forest) got my attention. It is similar to the Fatigue Jacket  I got four years ago, and which I have worn a lot.

I was intrigued by the green colour, which is not usually my favourite, but seemed to work well with my skin tone, hair and eyes (also green). ;) The jacket is also unlined, and has drawstrings inside. I would use those to give it a more fitted look. This year's version has one chest pocket only. Like the downtown jacket, it has snaps on the pockets, unlike the fatigue jacket, which has buttons.One other feature which I liked was the cord collar. It fits TTS to large. Overall, I loved this piece and earlier this evening I placed the order for it. With a gift card and the 30% discount, it came to about $100, taxes included.

The only one other piece I tried on was the Boyshirt in Fiery Sunset Buffalo Check (size 6). I have liked this since its debut on the JC site. The colour combo is beautiful.

That's all for now, but hope to get to JC again this weekend for a longer stopover. 

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

J. Crew November Sneak Previews

A couple of days ago my lovely online VPS sent me a few preview images from the November collection, and I thought I'd share them with the other JCAs. All the images show the new line of fall and winter coats.

The first was the Double-Breasted Coat in Oxford Check:

Mini Skirt in Oxford Check

Another  one is the Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat (shown in heather smoke cocoa colour here):

The Olivia Topcoat is a beautiful wool-cashmere blend in three colours: pecan, candy pink and heather flannel:

Have you seen some of these previews? What did you think? Pleas share!

Hope you are having a great weekend, and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

J. Crew New Arrivals Picks

New arrivals appeared on the JC website a coupld of days ago, and I just had the chance to check them out. I liked the Tuxedo Ruffle Top in Polka-Dot Silk Georgette right away.

  Tuxedo Ruffle Top in Polka-Dot Silk Georgette

Boy Shirt in Fiery Sunset Buffalo Check has gorgeous colours that go well with my skin tone and can't wait to try it on. It is all cotton and machine washable.

Boy Shirt in Fiery Sunset Buffalo Check

Tipped Sweater Blazer in Merino Wool is also on my wishllist this fall. I love sweater blazers because they are less stiff than the regular blazers.

   Tipped Sweater Blazer in Merino Wool

Stadium-cloth Cocoon Coat is back again this year in seven (7) colours:

Back is also the Long Belted Down Puffer Coat. I have previously reviewed this coat here.

Long Belted Down Puffer Coat

Love the Collection Bonded-knit Sweater Coat, however, I am not sure about this colour on me.  I see redheads rocking something like this.

Collection Bonded-knit Sweater Coat

Another Collection item, the Collection Bonded Shawl Popover Sweater in a couple of colours:

 Collection Bonded Shawl Popover Sweater

Lastly, the Suede Knee Boots with Tabs. They seem quite comfortable, but unfortunately, they are an online item only.

Suede Knee Boots with Tabs

Hope you had the chance to peruse the new items as well. Please share your favourites!

Thank you for dropping by, and have a great start of the week!